Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post-Snow Day

Great use of the blog, folks!! Let's keep this conversation rolling this week, and we can decide next week in class if we want to continue using the blog throughout the semester!

I see you picked out lots of details -- specific quotes -- from Shor. What would you say his overall ARGUMENT is? What is his take-away point in the whole selection?

Have a good week!

LB :)


  1. I think Shor has several arguments in his piece but I think overall he believes education is social and should therefore be participatory because knowledge is derived from action. However, the people who set up or create education are the privledged class, who might not know what is best for the students. In fact, what our current education system does is support the status quot and make many people passive to learning because students' feel like school is something done to them, not something for them. If we can find a participatory classroom where students are involved in designing the curriculum we can have more engaged students who are hopeful about their futures and encouraged to persue their aspirations.

  2. I think we need to invite the teachers from Central Falls to read our blog :)